This article is about the planet. For the political entity, see Dominion of Fezzan.


Fezzan (Japanese: フェザーン) is an inhabitable planet located in the eponymously named Fezzan Corridor. Formerly the seat of the autonomous Dominion of Fezzan, it later became capital of the New Galactic Empire during the Goldenlöwe Dynasty.



Name variationsEdit

  • Fezzan (DVD subtitles)
  • Phezzan (LD subtitles)
  • フェザーン (LD/DVD subtitles — Japanese)

Background informationEdit

The name Fezzan is a reference to the Fezzan region of south-western Libya. The choice of name was likely deliberate: Like its fictional counterpart, the real Fezzan served as an important trade link between two larger powers, and later became a 'client state' of Rome (analogous to the planet's former status as an autonomous dominion within the Empire).

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