The following is a list of major things remaining to do on Gineipaedia:


  • Appearances for all characters and ships (kine has a spread-sheet containing lots of these)
  • Double-check accuracy of titles on OVA page — mostly done, still some left
  • Rename episodes according to best translations — mostly done, still some left
  • Add summaries to episode pages — all done except for movies
  • Add screenshots to episode pages — done
  • Add citations to MCISS screenshots
  • Add links to all pages transferred from the old wiki — pretty sure done
  • Fix broken image links — pretty sure done
  • Standardise on translations, spellings, &c. (DVD/LD differences, typos, translations issues) — maybe half-way done
  • Work on articles needing clean-up and articles needing citations and Wanted pages


  • Convert all title citations to number citations — 99% done (there may be two or three remaining)
  • Add 'Appendices' section to bottom of each article — done, but some sub-headers may need to be fixed
  • Create Portals — one or two so far
  • Create titles templates for remaining Gaiden episodes — done
  • Create 'citation needed' category and page — done, although needs improvement
  • Create 'clean-up needed' category and page — done, although needs improvement
  • Create 'citation needed' and 'clean-up' needed templates — done enough
  • Fix date template — done


  • Ems and px ??? — changed mind
  • Make [edit] links translucent until hover? — do we like this?
  • Hide title preview on edit page — done
  • Implement background image — issue with dithering transparent gradients; still working on it
  • Finish updating CSS (CSS > LESS > minify) — done
  • Add remaining CSS for custom items (section order lists, infobox film, &c.) — done?
  • Move search JS into Common.js — nope
  • Move CSS from Common.css into main-ltr — done
  • Fix side-bar menu in IE8 :| — done
  • Fix Recent Changes page — done
  • Transitions on input focus — done
  • Update CSS on 'Admin links', search page, 'AllMessages', 'Page templates', 'File:', history pages, &c.
  • CSS buttons


  • Edit Special:WantedPages to exclude Template:Titles — done
  • Get rich text editor working
  • Wiki activity feed on main portal — good enough?
  • Social profiles?
  • Don't restrict DISPLAYTITLE — done

Back endEdit

  • Set up automated XML back-ups — done, Project:Data
  • Can we back up images as well as text?
  • Set up full automated back-ups for the back end
  • Convert DB to Unicode :(
  • Make everything ready to switch hosts if needed