Commander Jennings was an officer in the Free Planets Alliance military. In 788 UC (479 IC / 3588 CE) he was stationed at the Econia Internment Camp on the planet Econia as the second in command.

While on a night patrol with four fellow soldiers around 3:00 the morning of November 10th, Jennings was captured by rioting prisoners led by an Imperial nobleman named Presberg. Jennings was held captive for several hours, and then released unharmed in exchange for fellow Alliance officers Yang Wen-li and Fyodor Patrichev. Jennings participated in the attack on the 17th Compound where the prisoners and hostages were located later that night, under orders from Captain Barnaby Costea, where he was injured by falling rubble. After the riot, Jennings was hospitalized and temporary command of the camp went to Yang Wen-li, pending the arrival of Alliance inspector Murai to investigate accusations of misconduct and illegal activity against Captain Costea. (SL: 'Planet POW Camp'SL: 'Prisoners and Hostages')

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